Braviloni Mandoline V-Blade Slicer

NexGadget V-Blade Mandoline Slicer - Vegetable Slicer - Julienne Slicer - Onion

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NexGadget V-Blade Mandoline Slicer - Vegetable Slicer - Julienne Slicer - Onion Cutter - French Fry Potato Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade

Product Features

Save Time & Money Why waste time with a knife or a box grater With this V-Blade compact and multifunctional mandoline, you can get food evenly sliced or finely grated in a fraction of the time! Cut, Slice and Chop like a pro, have fun with food prep and create exciting and professional looking meals, no need to eat out when you can cook like a Chef!

CUSTOMIZE Every Cut Our Mandoline Slicer comes with four different cutting options, so you can choose the option that's right for whatever you're cooking or preparing: it comes with a 6x6mm shredder, 1.5mm slicer, 3.5mm slicer and 3x3mm shredder. No more bland looking dishes!

STAY Safe Slice After Slice Unlike other vegetable slicer gadgets on the market, the NexGadget Mandoline Slicer is constructed with safety in mind. The food guard keeps your fingers far away from the blade. Food slicer has a stable base that keeps the mandolin from rocking and slipping, so you can get food prepared safely in a hurry.

SUPER Easy To Clean And Use This V-Blade Mandoline Slicer is so easy to clean and the blades are very easy to change from one to the other. You'll be saving so much time during food prep and afterwards!

THE Best Choice Best Mandoline Slicer for anyone on a Raw Food / Low Carb / Gluten Free / No Wheat / Paleo / Diet! A Perfect Gift for Moms, Cooks and healthy-conscious people, even gift to buy for Festivals, Wedding, Housewarming Party or even Christmas, making life fun and easy. Most important for parents, it makes vegetables funny and attractive for children. Perfect Gift for Family and Friends!

Product Description

Why You need Nexgadget Mandoline Slicer

Cooking is a pleasure, but most cooks nowadays spend an enormous amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals and feeling stuck in the kitchen. No wonder most people end up eating outside in restaurant and heading to the nearest fast food chain.

We know most people want to choose a healthier lifestyle but with busy modern lives, who has time

The answer is in having the right kitchen tools!

With NexGadget new high Quality mandoline V slicer, you can spend more time enjoying food than preparing it.

Large food guard included, easy grip safety handle securely holds food for stable slicing and protects fingers from cuts.


Use the soft knob to simply adjust to the desired slice thickness, and slide the food over the stainless steel blade for perfect, even slices.

A clear surface shows slices accumulating below.

You are able to get various thickness slicers with different blades.

This super-fast and easy to use the slicer is guaranteed to save you time preparing food. This kitchen gadget comes with 4 convenient and adjustable settings allows you to cut fruits and vegetables in various sizes while the lock position provide a safety for storage.


Blades are extremely sharp, keep in a locked position when not in use and keep the item out of reach of children. Use, wash and store with care, please cleaning asap after use.

Packaging Includes

1 x Food Safety Holder

1 x Blade Storage Case

1 x NexGadget Slicer

1 x 1.5mm(0.06'') Slicer Blade

1 x 3.5mm(0.14'') Slicer Blade

1 x 3mm (0.12'') Julienne Blade

1 x 6mm (0.24'') Julienne Blade

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